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Chaval Al Hazman – Sympinny ft. Shmueli Ungar

Sympinny covers Yaakov Shwekey‘s hit song Chaval Al Hazman performed live like never before at a recent wedding in Ateres Avrohom. Live performance by: Vocal – Shmueli Ungar Drums – Shabsi Broyde Keys – Pinny Ostreicher Bass Guitar – Gustavo

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Dance The Night Away With Yitz Henkin And Sympinny!

The dynamic duo of Yitz‘s powerful vocals coupled with the stellar sound and creative musical arrangements you have come to expect from the Sympinny band is truly a special combination. Keep your eyes and ears on this fast rising star!

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Sympinny Ft. Shulem Lemmer & Shira Choir: LIPA MEDLEY

A Lipa Medley performed live by the Sympinny Band, Shulem Lemmer and the Shira Choir The Wedding took place in Israel at the Royal Garden – Petah Tikvah Israel.

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MRM Music Presents: The JM Music Video Collection 3!

MRM Music presents the Jm Video Collection featuring 27 Music videos from the greatest stars in Jewish Music. Till now Music Videos were limited to those with a constant internet connection, now you can bring your favorite Jewish Music Videos

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Koach HoRabim – Bonei Olam ft. Sympinny, Zemiros

Enjoy this grand emotional production of “Koach HoRabim כח הרבים”, performed live at the Bonei Olam Dinner – Monsey, Summer 2016. Songs composed (in order) by: Pinky Weber Gideon Levine Chabad Produced, Concept & Layout by Yoely Polatseck Music Arranged

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“Al Naharot Bavel” – Sympinny Ft. Avrumy Holczler

Sympinny Band performing live “Al Naharot Bavel” sung by Avrumy Holczler. Mixed by Ruli Ezrachi Video by Motti Engel Lighting by GW A Gedalya Weiser Production.

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Sympinny – Ki Atah Kadosh – Benny Friedman

Ki Atah Kadosh – Composed by Adi Ran Music arranged by Pinny Ostreicher Performed by the Sympinny Orchestra and Benny Friedman. Mixed by Ruli Ezrachi Lighting by GW

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Sympinny – Eliyahu Hanavi – [Official Music Video]

Hot off the press! Pinny Ostreicher’s debut single Eliyahu Hanavi with his band. Sympinny is taking flight! Presented to you by Welch’s Manischewitz and BenHesh Studios. A Sympinny Band Production Credits: Song composed, written and arranged by Pinny Ostreicher Lead

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TOTAL ENERGY – Menachem Moskowitz – Sympinny 0

The Sympinny Band – Back again, bringing you the most original and exciting music to every playlist. Enjoy this wonderful experience! Credits: The Sympinny Band Vocals – Menachem Moskowitz Keys – Pinny Ostreicher Bass Guitar – Gustavo Amarante Drums –

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Yeshivat Shalom Rav & Sympinny Present: Baruch Hashem – Tzfat Style

In collaboration with Yeshivat Shalom Rav, we decided to share with you their Breslov inspired song “Baruch Hashem” with an EDM twist for Purim as well as throughout the year. We are delighted to share with you the best Purim

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