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Tag "Simche Friedman"

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New Music Video: Simche Friedman & Ami Cohen “Hakhel”!

Only two months have passed since chasidic singer Simche Friedman‘s hit “Bo Lepo” came out, and now a new, chasidic music video is coming out today in honor of “Zman Simchoseinu”! On the occasion of the Sukkot holiday of the

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Watch The New Hit Of The Israeli ‘Policeman’ Simche Friedman “Bo L’po”!

After months of hard and intense work, the new and talked-about single-video of chasidic singer Simche Friedman titled “Bo L’po (come here)” – is released today. Friedman constantly produces songs in a variety of different styles and genres and does

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Simche Friedman & Chaimke – Niggun Simcha 157

About a month after the release of the song “Roeh Echod“, Chassidic singer Simche Friedman is releasing a new single today, a bouncy and exciting Chabad melody that is all joy, just like its name – “Niggun Simcha“! In the

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A New Song! Roeh Echod From Simche Friedman‏‏‎

Simche Friedman in a new song, in the style of a chassidic Kumzitz. The new song Roeh Echodwas composed by Elchanan Elchadad, one of the most prominent composers in chassidic music in recent years (who also composed for Simche the

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Shir HaShirim Medley – Simche Friedman, Dudi Kalish, Moshe Dueck, David Heftzadi, Moshe David Weissmandel, Yanki Hill, Yanki Landau and Neshama Choir

Watch a spectacular production performed by the great chassidic and mizrachi singer Simche Friedman, Dudi Kalish, Moshe Doueck, David Heftzdi, Moshe Dovid Weissmandel, Yanki Hill and Yanki Landau, and with the participation of the prestigious Neshama choir, who joined the

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Yoni Eliav & Simche Friedman: Funk Medley 2022 – Part 1

Musical arranger and producer Yoni Eliav, accompanied by his orchestra, presents an energetic and up-to-date funk medley together with other singers, receive the first part of the medley performed by singer Simche Friedman.

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TZIVOS HASHEM – THE DOUBLE EVENT: Celebrating 40 Years Of Music With AVRAHAM FRIED & His Nephews

Tzivos Hashem is celebrating 40 years since the Rebbe founded Tzivos Hashem for every Jewish child, the world over. Jewish music fans are celebrating 40 years of Avraham Fried‘s music. A Magnificent evening will bring together the impact of Tzivos

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Hundreds of Chabad Students Perform Ho’aderes V’Hoemunah Niggunim in Unison

Watch: 300 students and staff of Chabad Yeshiva Chanoch Lenaar in Tzfas, stage a brilliant performance of the Chabad niggun Ho’aderes V’hoemuna conducted by singer Simche Friedman.

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Simche Friedman Presents: An Israeli Melody To The Words of Chabad

Chassidic singer Simche Friedman has released Levadecha, a song from his recent debut album, accompanied by a lyrics clip. The words were written by the poet Zvi Yair and are set to an Israeli-style melody. Simcha tells us about the

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Simcha Friedman’s New – “Luchot Bahar” From The “Tehillat Naava” Project

In the midst of chanukah, the organization “Tehillat Naava Shelach Lachmecha” is launching a fifth single in the series – “Luchot Bahar“, performed by singer Simcha Friedman with the musical arrangement and production signed by Yoeli Dickman. “Luchot Bahar” –

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