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Tag "Shmuel Cohen"

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Refreshing & Cool! Moshe Klein – Baderech El Ha’or

Singer Moshe Klein did not rest for a moment, releasing yet another summer hit “Baderech El Ha’or” on the melody written by Elchanan Elchadad and the arrangement of Shmuel Cohen. After a busy album with hits, the singer “Moshe Klein”

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Raphael Melloul With The Chassidic Hit “Shalom”

For a year now, chassidic music artist Raphael Melloul has been slowly approaching his debut album. From single to single, the range of possibilities that are almost impossible for him is revealed. This time, he presents a completely chasidic hit

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The New Song From Yair Shoval “Rak Mevakesh”

Yair Shoval is a talented and unconventional composer, who is responsible for a number of hits from recent years he wrote to others (“Bamakom Zeh”, “Kama Tov Hasehm”, “Mechila”), his name already manages to inspire curiosity and demand among the

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A New Song! Roeh Echod From Simche Friedman‏‏‎

Simche Friedman in a new song, in the style of a chassidic Kumzitz. The new song Roeh Echodwas composed by Elchanan Elchadad, one of the most prominent composers in chassidic music in recent years (who also composed for Simche the

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The New Video From Sarel Sofer “Shamayim Me’leim T’filot”

Sarel Sofer, one of the young and successful singers in the chassidic wedding world, is releasing a new, rhythmic and fine single clip – “Shamayim Me’leim T’filot“. The lyrics and melody of Elchanan Elchadad with the musical arrangement and production

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Raphael Uzan In His Debut Single ‘Ana Bechasdecha’

Singer Raphael Uzan releases his debut single called ‘Ana Bechasdecha‘, composed for him by Elchanan Elchadad and produced by Shmuel Cohen. The moving song that comes out during such a charged period, cries out the words that are literally required

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Aaron Meir In A New Rhythmic & Refreshing Single – “Baneshama” [Official Music Video]

Singer Aaron Meir from France is releasing his second amazing single, called Baneshama, written and composed by Elchanan Elchadad, and arranged and produced by Shmuel Cohen.

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Sarel Sofer – Meheira Od Yishama [Official Music Video]

Singer Sarel Sofer is releasing a new single together with a music video, which was written and composed by Elchanan Elchadad, and produced and arranged by Shmuel Cohen.

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Itzik Weingarten With a New Hit Full Of Emotion “Ata Tashir”

Itzik Weingarten is a singer and young artist, who has already put out five successful singles. Now he is releasing his sixth, called Ata Tashir. The lyrics and composition are by Elchanan Elchadad and arranged and produced by Shmuel Cohen.

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In The Spirit of The Geula: A New Single From Shmuel Harari “Ben David”

After the tremendous success of his previous single, Bayis Neeman, which was released a few months ago, singer Shmuel Harari is releasing another new single called Ben David. The lyrics and composed are by Yair Shoval, and the arrangement and

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