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The Old Yeshiva Nigun Returns To Life With A Refreshing New Arrangement & Video

Shmuel and Aryeh Broner, otherwise known as the Chassidish Band, put out the Chevron March back in the early 90’s which became a Yeshiva hit all over the world. Twenty years after the niggun was composed by Binyomin Zev Munk

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Schweber’s New, The Pesukim Of Rabbi Hinoka: Shmuel Broner & Eli Herzlich “Einai Tamid”

Eliezer Shwebber is now releasing his 5th single called Einai Tamid, together with talented singers Shmuel Broner and Eli Herzlich. The song was arranged by Menachem Wolpin, and produced by David Taub.

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Simche Friedman Releases A New Single For Chanukah “Chasoif”

After the first single performed by Shuli Rand, now there is a second single, Chasoif, from the upcoming album “Ha’Meorrerim 2“, performed by Simche Friedman. The words are obviously taken from Ma’Oz Tzur, and the song is being released now

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Hashir Vehashevach 1 – Hamavdil

The past generation has witnessed a great change in the quality and presentation of Jewish music due to the adoption of modern popular styles of music. Numerous articles have been written in the past to point out that these styles

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