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Singer & Composer Shloime Katzanelbogen Releases “Modim Acapella”

This song has been a huge hit on radio stations and even became an anthem in schools and yeshivas/talmid Torahs.Modim was composed by Shloime from the inspiration of his Rebbe, R’ Shimon Galai, who is careful to emphasize at all

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Shloime Katzanelbogen With A New Single “V’Sim Chelkeinu”

Singer and artist Shloime Katzanelbogen is releasing a new single called V’Sim Chelkeinu which he composed himself. The single was produced in a Kumzitz-style arrangement which typefies Shloime by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry.

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Shloime Katzanelbogen In A New Single “Modim”

On the way to the debut album, singer and creator Shloime Katzanelbogen releases a new single and music video “Modim” which he composed himself with the musical arrangement and production of Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry. Katzanelbogen, a young and

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Shloime Katzanelbogen & Amiran Dvir – Karov [Lyric Video]

Singer and artist Shloime Katzanelbogen is releasing his new single called Karov, together with Amiran Dvir. The song was written by Moshe Feld, and composed by Shloime himself.

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The Kumzitzer Shloime Katzanelbogen With A New Niggun For Elul: Nachpeso

Elul is here already, and were in a very confusing time. Will the shuls be open? Will there be another lockdown during the Chagim? Kumzitzer Shloime Katzanelbogen is releasing a single called Nachpeso due to this complicated time we are

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Shloime Katzanelbogen – Shirat Hayona – Vocal Version

About two months after the release of his debut single, “Shirat Hayona,” which he also composed, Shloime Katzanelbogen is now performing a vocal performance for a song especially suited to these days, by David Taub. Graphics & Editing: Broria Flexer

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“Shirat Hayona” Dove’s Song: Artist & Composer Shloime Katzanelbogen In A Thrilling & Exciting Debut Single!

Shloime Katzanelbogen has been a musician since he was 10, playing drums and guitar. Now he is releasing his first single called Shirat Hayona. He composed the song himself, which was arranged by David Taub.

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