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Derech Band – SheMa Bni [Official Lyric Video]

Avraham Cohen, Boaz-Moshe Mastboim, and Shalom Uziel, three friends who were raised irreligious and are now learning all day and at night have a frum Rock’n’Roll band, called the “Derech Band”. They are now releasing their first single called Shema

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Shirei Pinchas 4 [Audio Sampler]

In 2016, the Jewish music world was introduced to composer extraordinaire Reb Pinchas Wolf. In the almost three years since, he has released not one, but four albums of his niggunim sung by star soloists, each one better than the

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Eli Herzlich Returns With A New Hit “Shema Beni”

Here is Eli Herzlich‘s new song called Shema Beni. The lyrics are taken from the Iggeres Ha’Ramban, and composed by Eli Klein, who arranged it together with Yitzy Berry. The children’s choir vocals were performed by the Kol Ha’Nearim choir.

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Zanvil Weinberger & Malchus Choir Sing “Shema Beni” at the Mesila 7 Event January 2016

The song Shema Beni of old is now being performed anew. The organization Mesilah, which supports teaching of over 9500 boys, set up an event where this song was performed by Zanvil Weinberger together with the Malchus choir together with

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