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Itzik Dadya – Mechaven El Haor

There’s no need to describe the situation in Israel right now, and how badly people just want their lives to go back to normal. One of the branches that has been hurt badly from this whole situation is that of

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Sharon Avilchak – Lehatchil Le’Chayot

Sharon Avilchak, from Yerushalayim, is a producer, writer, and composer of music. Before he became a baal Teshuva, he was an international DJ, and was even signed by a British Electronica music label. He was part of tens of major

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Elikam Buta Releases “Kol Pa’amonim” His Long Awaited Debut Album

Elikam Buta, singer and composer, released two singles over the past two years, which instantly turned into hits in Israel and all over the world. Some of the Israeli radio stations even awarded him with the “Taglit Ha’Shana” award for

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Elyokum Buta With A New Single “Rak Ata”

After hits such as “Midvar Sheker Tirchak“, “K’mo Galim“, “Ha’Osher“, “Achoti Kallah“, and “Kamah Od”, singer Elyokum Buta is releasing a new and upbeat single called “Rak Ata“. In “Rak Atah“, Buta is giving you a special combination of a

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Meydad Tasa Dedicates a Single To His Rebbi R’ Elbaz Shlita

The beloved singer Meydad Tasa has extended his appreciation to his Rebbi, R’ Reuven Elbaz Shlita, in whose yeshiva Meydad has been learning in the past few years, and in whose honor Meydad has dedicated a song describing the work

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Yaron Ben Ami Releases His Powerful Third Single “Baou Nischazek”

After releasing his last two singles “Mitbonen” and “Oid Hayom” whic were met with great success, played all over the radio and even earned him the title” Jewish music discovery of the year “for 5772. Singer and composer Yaron Ben

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Yaron Ben Ami Asks “Oid Hayom”

Yaron Ben Ami conquered the hearts of listeners and the media with his debut single “Mitbonen“. The song eeceived hundreds of airplay on radio stations, and thousands of views on YouTube. Singer and composer Yaron Ben-Ami releases the second single

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