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Ram Malka Releases A New Single “Ten Belibeinu”

Singer Ram Malka just released his third single off his upcoming album. These days Ram is currently working with the composer and arrangers for his upcoming debut album under the leadership of Yaniv Bramley and Iti Amouyal. The new single

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Ram Malka “Modim Anachnu Loch” His Second Single

We are proud to present the second single form Ram Malka for the upcoming yom tov of Chanukah off his upcoming debut album. We encourage all listeners to give an ear to the advocates and music of this young singer.

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Ram Malka Releases His First Single From His Upcoming Album “Ben Azai”

For many years the singer Ram Malka appeared at events and weddings singing in a variety of musical styles. Now, after many requests and much trepidation Ram is ready to releases his first single from his upcoming debut album. The

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