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Yaakov Shwekey – ELOKAI OZ

BH ELOKAI OZ is the holiest and beautiful song I’ve ever heard. Rabbi Elyakim from the time of the Harishonim composed the song and the great Ari-z”al also was known to have sung this tune. This holy song continues to

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NEXT WEEK IN STORES! FOLLOW [email protected] Facebook- https://facebook.com/SHWEKEY Instagram- https://instagram.com/SHWEKEY YouTube- https://youtube.com/SHWEKEYOFFICIAL Website- https://www.YaakovShwekey.com ____________________________ Produced by YITZY WALDNER & YAAKOV SHWEKEY Arranged by RAFI GRAYDI RAVID KASHTI IAN FREITOR DANIEL KAPLER TAMIR ZUR MOSHE LAUFER AVRUMI BERKO Mastering: @PlayMasters

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