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Acheinu (The Shapiro Brothers) With A New Acapella Single “Ad Ana”

With the successful group Acheinu (The Shapiro Brothers) releasing acapella singles over the last two years to great acclaim, and the quickly approaching three weeks, fans are wondering what the famed group would be releasing this year. Everyone has heard

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In The Atmosphere of Elul: Yoel Brizel In An Exciting Performance – “B’Zos Ha’Shana”

Yoel Brizel is releasing a new video clip for Slichos and Yomim Noraim in Yiddish called Melateim Mikol Raos B’Zos Ha’Shana. The song was composed by R’ Moshe Goldman A”H.

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Zanvil Weinberger, Malchus Choir & Orot Band Open Ellul With A Tefilla

Zanvil Weinberger and the Malchus choir performed the song Ribbono Shel Olam, written by the Avodas Panim ZT”L, and with the famous tune of R’ Moshe Goldman, together with the Orot Band. The performance featured the first time ever that

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A Month Before Getting Married, Singer Zanvil Weinberger Releases His First Album “Ah Lechaim Mit Zanvil”

R’ Yosef Moshe Kahana is releasing one album after the other. Just last week he released A Yiddishe Mameh. Now he is presenting the rising star Zanvil Weinberger in a new album called Ah Lechaim Mit Zanvil, featuring some of

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Lish & Goldman – A Feste Rotzon – Double CD

“Ah Festeh Rutzen“, [A Strong Determined Will/Desire] is a true to life fast paced account of a young boy who discovers his inner strength and ability to overcome day to day struggle and challenges with his Yetzer Hora. This dramatic

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