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He Has A Birthday: Ovadia Chamama In A New Song – “K’sheadam Poel”

Ovadya Chamama released the next single off of his upcoming album of songs from the writings of R’ Kook in honor of his 56th birthday last week. The album is expected to be released within the next few months.

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Ovadia Chamama Presents: First single From The Album of Songs By Rabbi Kook 2

Ovadia Chamama is releasing the first song off his new upcoming project, his second album from the songs of R’ Kook. His first album of R’ Kook’s precious words was a tremendous hit and touched many hearts with Chamama’s compositions

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Amiram Ben Lulu & Udi Damari – Kanfei Ruach

Popular radio personality Amiram Ben Lulu sat with Udi Damari for a friendly chat, when they started singing the song Ben Adam, Aleh Lemaalah Aleh, originally sung by Bini Landau, from the words of R’ Kook ZT”L. Damari then arranged

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