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Tani Polansky – Elokai (Official Music Video) | The TeFEELah Project

I am moved and excited to share this with you. This song, Elokai (My G-d) is a gift that I received/ composed in three stages over the course of 5 years. I find it interesting that the time for it

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Yaakov Shalom Presents: The Kumzitz Medley

After many years of lending his voice leading Tefilos, Onegs, singing at Chuppas, and leading heartfelt Kumzitses, Yaakov Shalom‘s passion for singing and for the arising indescribable feelings and heights one can reach have come together in this Kumzits medley.

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A Soul Stirring Kedusha For Yomim Noroim From Avraham Rosedale

Many years ago, a few friends got together, Tzvika Wolfson, Dovid Kotkes and a few others, to review niggunim and nussach for Yomim Noraim. What came out was the beginning of this nussach. Over the years many other friends joined

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RINAS AMCHA – Yehei Rava (Official Audio)

The Zohar Hakadosh (Vayakhel 206a) teaches us that learning the Torah cannot simply be an activity which involves the mind, rather we must beg Hashem to allow our hearts to be open to His word as well. Yhei Rava is

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