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Tag "Nir Kepten"

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Nir Kepten – Zikaron Yaldut [Official Lyric Video]

Singer Nir Kepten is opening up the winter season with a new single called Zikaron Yaldut. The lyrics were written by Emili Gazit, composed by Kepten himself, and arranged and produced by Reuven Chiyun.

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Days Before Rosh Hashana: The Son Renews The Hit of His Father “Yetzer”

Ido Kepten has gone from being a child to a young adult. Entering into the responsibility of Mitzvos is magical but also difficult sometimes and can create regrets. Ido is now releasing his third single from his upcoming album in

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A Moment Before His Bar Mitzvah “Olam Shel Yeladim”

Its been a year since Ido Kepten released his debut single Mi Kamoni Yeled, which touched people all over Israel and beyond. Now just before celebrating his Bar Mitzvah and becoming an adult he is releasing a new single called

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Nir Kepten In An Exciting Song Dedicated To Children “Malachei Shamayim” [Official Music Video]

After two successful singles, singer Nir Kepten is releasing his third. Malachei Shamayim is Kepten‘s own composition, which expresses the deep connection between a father and his children, and allegorically, between us and Hashem. The song was arranged and produced

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Nir & Ido Kepten “Yeled”

About four months ago, Nir and Ido Kepten performed at a special Bar Mitzvah for a child named Yuri, the only child of his family, who came from the former Soviet Union. They performed together the song Yeled, originally from

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Ido Kepten – Mi Kamoni Yeled [Official Music Video]

Ido Kepten is only 11, and is already releasing his debut single called Mi Kamoni Yeled. He started singing just at his Shabbos table, and since then he has gone on to perform at Chuppahs and Bar Mitzvah. Despite his

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Nir Kepten Releases His Second Single “Gan Shel Mischakim”

Nir Kepten, is releasing a new single, a year after his song Banai Ahuvai was released very successfully. His new single is called Gan Shel Mischakim. Reuven Chiyun produced and arranged the single and the rest of the album.

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New Single “Bo’er Kmo Esh” By Eitan from upcoming album –

Israel, July 25, 2010: As some people might know, Itzik Orlev started his career under the wing of Itzik Eshel when Eshel produced Orlev’s first album “Ma’agalim”. After two smash hit albums & a third on the way, Itzik &

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