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Avinoam Drix With A Song Full of Emunah “K’Sheyachshov Adam”

Avinoam Drix, a musician from Ramat Gan and a music therapist for Holocaust survivors and people with PTSD. He is now releasing a brand new song to the words  of Mesillas Yesharim that he has felt very close to for

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Avraham Fried In A New Music Video From ‘TZAMA’: “Hakel Es Ha’om”

In honor of the Sukkot holiday of the year of Hakel, chasidic singer Avraham Fried in a new single clip from the ‘Tzama‘ project for the lyrics of Hakel to the well-known Hupp Cossack tune attributed to the Shpole Zeida.

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New Single – Yonatan Razel “Ein Od Milvado” From The Upcoming Tzama 5 Album

Singer and composer Yonatan Razel is reviving the veteran Chabad niggun Ein Od Milvado with a brand new arrangement and performance of the song. The song has a modern and contemporary sound, and was produced by Naor Karmi. This was

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Amir Benayoun With A Sixth Single Off The Upcoming 5th Album From The ‘Tzama’ Masterpiece Series

Singer Amir Benayoun is renewing the Chabad niggun Shehashalom Shelo, with an Israeli arrangement and performance, produced by Naor Karmi, as a single off of the upcoming Tzamah 5 album. This is Benayoun‘s second time participating in the Tzamah projects,

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Ki Onu Amecho: Erez Leiv Ari Sings To The Lubavitch Rebbee

In the world of Chassidus the 19th of Kislev is considered the Chag Ha’Geulah, its almost even a Rosh Hashana for Chassidus. According to Chassidic lore, it is the anniversary of the redemption of the original Lubavitcher Rebbe from jail

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