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Tag "Naftali Blumenthal"

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Naftali Blumenthal – Daily Trust

Sometimes we doubt ourselves, think we are incapable, and feel defined by our pasts. But if you woke up today, and your heart is still beating, Hashem is telling you that you have infinite potential to reach greatness. So believe

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Dear friends, Finding meaning and making sense of this life is something everyone yearns for. I really wanted to write on this topic, so I did it through song. My goal is that it brings you more inner joy, clarity,

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After we truly accept that we determine how we see the world, we can then tap into the reality that all that occurs is simply the will of The Creator. “You can be free in a prison cell, and you

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Naftali Blumenthal – Mishenichnas Adar [Purim Song]

Everyone always want to know, “wait, I thought we are always supposed to be happy. How do I increase that?” Perhaps the term “happiness” is not a state of being. True joy is not a destination, it’s a direction. When

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“God, instill within me a purified heart, and renew my spirit inside of me.” Many great people use this verse as a meditation to help them rejuvenate and rekindle the holy spark within every single one of us. You may

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Mendy Worch With An Exciting New Single “K’firim”

Kfirim Roshu V’raevu, V’dorshey Hashem Lo Yachseru Kol Tov. Young lions are wild and hungry, but the one that praises Hashem lacks nothing good. Have you ever felt less in control than right now, after months of confusion, panic, and

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Naftali Blumenthal – Teshuva [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO]

Although there are specific times throughout the year where we focus on Teshuva, it is a phenomena which is available at every second of every day that we live. This marvelous gift grants us hope and comfort; ensuring us that

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A Kumzitz In The Rain 5 – Sampler (Feat. The Soulful Classics Of Shalsheles)

To Our Dear Listeners, We are living in scary times. The “A Kumzitz In The Rain” series was created to help set the mood to allow the listener to properly feel the emotions of the days of Sefira and 3

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Naftali Blumenthal – Baruch Hamakom

Here’s a cover of this timeless Pesach song that speaks to my heart, so I hope it will be the same for you. It reminds me that God graciously chose us. He exclusively gave the Torah to you, me, and

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Naftali Blumenthal – Quarantine

Quarantine – A song I released to give comfort in a time where it can be challenging to see the light at the end of the tunnel. In times like these, we have to remember that God watches over us

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