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Dudi Landau & Moti Goldman – Haneiros Ha’Lalu

Moti Goldman and singer Dudi Landau are releasing a special Chanukah single, Haneiros Ha’Lalu. The song was composed by R’ Yoel Hershkovitz, and arranged by Yonatan Blau.

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MUSIC: Moti Goldman, Hershi Segal & Avrohom Balti – Heiliger Rabi Shimon

Be far, but feel close: Less than a day to the hilula of the Tanna Rabbi Shimon Bar Yochai, the the baal menagnim Moti Goldman, Hershi Segal and Avrohom Balti release exciting live recordings of a Rashbi medley. In the

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“Vos iz Neias?” The Hot News In The Jewish Music World

When the slang phrase “Vos iz Neias” was coined, nobody dreamed how precisely it would describe Moti Goldman and his spectacular project. That is the name of the cover album that Moti released about a month ago, and it has

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