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“Ha’Eich She’B’tochi Bo’eret” Mordechai Yitzhar’s New Album Featuring Friends

After three successful singles with beautiful duets, Mordechai Yitzhar’s second album will soon be released. The album is called “Ha’Eich She’B’tochi Bo’eret”. Since his first hit album, he has been living on Shlichut in India, serving the community of Israelis

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Mordechai Yitzhar featuring Yitzchak Meir in “Im Eshkacheich”

Mordechai Yitzhar is continuing to work on his new album. After last Succos he released his single “Harachaman”, in which he guest featured a duet of the singers Sinai Tor and Binyamin Landau—he is now releasing another single, this time

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Media Superstar Nachum Segal, broadcasting from Hebron 0

by from “The Wilder Way” – David Wilder – See (hear) the entire broadcast on: Videos: Interview with Nachum Segal Noam Arnon, Yoni Bleichbard and Menachem Livni Mordechai Yitzhar singing about Hebron Nachum Segal With Simcha Hochbaum With Yossi

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