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The Gift Album: Adeloyada 3 Is Now On The Air! Moishi Mendelson & Aharla Samet In A Special Purim Album

Keyboardist Moishy Mendelson and Ahreleh Samet are releasing a brand new special Purim album, featuring singers Yoeli Davidowiz and Avremi Lunger, for almost two hours worth of Adeloyada music.

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Daniel Gutmann & Moishy Mendelson In A New Medley: Freilach Tantz

Singer Daniel Guttmann is releasing a brand new track called Freilach Tantz, produced by Moishy Mendelson.

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Elazar Stern – Yomim Noraim Medley

Chassidish singer Elazar Stern is releasing a brand new Yomim Noraim Medley, arranged by Moishy Mendelson, and mixed by Srulik Mendelson.

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Srulik Mendelson Presents A New Hit “Bennetrack”

Srulik and Moishy Mendelson are releasing a special track of their hit remix of Naftali Bennet screaming in Knesset that has taken the dance floors by storm.

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