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Tag "Meydad Tassah"

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Meydad Tassah with a new single “Gadol Hashem”

If I had to sum this up in one word: Medad. Two words: “Gadol Hashem“. So called album’s first Hasidic Meydad Tassah, is published soon and is expected to make a hot album of the summer. Fter the release of

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Meydad Tassah Acappella Single – Adon Olam

During these days of s’fira guitarists, drummers and anyone who has family in a musical instrument or another takes a break from their otherwise hectic year.. This is the time for vocal tracks or Acappella. Huvacali. The internet is flooded

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Oorah Shmorg 2 – FULL Audio CD Download

Thanks to our partnership with Oorah we can now let Jewish Insights readers download the FULL Oorah Shmorg 2 Aduio CD for FREE. The album features seasoned veterans like Avraham Fried, Lipa and Yehuda!. Then you have the “New To

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Oorah Shmorg 2 – Audio CD sampler clips

That’s right people, its THAT time of year. Where people are anxiously checking their mailboxes each and every day to see if their Oorah Shmorg CD has finally arrived. This year I can tell you they are in for a

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Meydad Tassah – Ben Shel Melech

The album is produced, composed and arranged by Aviad Gil. Check out the song below. [Audio clip: view full post to listen] [HT:]

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Sunday (yud aleph nissan) April 5th 2009 at 7pm in Park Yerokon, Tel Aviv. Starring Yishai Lapidot, Ohad, Mendy Jerufi, Yeedle, Piamenta, Meydad Tassah, Oudi Davidi and the Gershon Freishtat Orchestra.

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