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Stage Art Presents: Shmulik Klein Moves With His New Single “Lirot Banim”

Shmulik Klein is releasing a brand new single called Lirot Banim, written and composed by Mendel Roth, arranged and produced by Yehuda Galili, featuring the Neshama Choir and the Yingerlich Boys choir from America.

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Mendel Roth – V’Shavu Bonim

Mendel Roth is releasing a brand new single called V’Shavu Bonim that he wrote and composed himself, as a Tefillah for the children who are still stuck in Hamas captivity. The song was produced by Yanky Cohen.

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R’ Mendel Roth With Michoel Schnitzler Z”L With A Video That Will Leave You In Tears “Yossele”

Singer Mendel Roth is releasing a song featuring a duet of himself and R’ Michoel Schnitzel Z”L’ who was niftar two months ago. The song tells the story of a boy named Yossele, and when Michoel heard the song, he

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Mendel Roth Surprises With A New Single & Video “Lech Lecha”

Artist Mendel Roth, who only three months ago created a major storm with his “Shir Ahava” that he released, and is surprising everyone again with a cinematic clip, which tells the story of a Chareidi boy thrown out of his

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Composer & Artist Mendel Roth In A Moving Music Video “Vayidom Aharon”

Artist Mendel Roth sat up all night on Lag Baomer in the Satmar Beis Medrash in Boro Park, where he sat in pain and bewilderment until the morning, at which point he found himself humming a tune which he put

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R’ Mendel Roth, One of The Greatest Chasidic Singer Appeared Before Charedi Fighters in The Givati Brigade

Everyone is still abuzz with Trump’s announcement of Yerushalayim as the capital of Israel. The IDF forces in Yehuda and Shomron are preparing themselves, and amongst them is the Tomer Battalion, the Chareidi battalion in the Givati forces. R’ Mendel

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