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Melech Frank In A New Single About Tshuva “Heet Oif Mir”

Rising star Melech Frank has been a music lover and passionate singer for as long as he could remember. During Elul, three years ago, Melech came across an Israeli song with a melody that he deeply connected with. The song

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TABC Studio 1600 Presets: M’ein Olam Haba (MICAH ft. Sruly Green & Melech Frank)

Get hype to this Shabbos anthem on Erev Shabbos or any day of the week! M’ein Olam Haba is the first of its kind for TABC—a melodic-style hip hop song featuring two premier chassidishe artists. This video is all about

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Teshuvah Tefillah – Lipa Schmeltzer (Cover by Sruly Green & Melech Frank)

As the Yumim Noiruim approach us, it is only appropriate to mention what our Rebbes have taught us, that, Teshiva Tefila and Tzedaka can only be achieved thru true Simcha. Therefore it is perfect timing for a colab between the

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