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Meir Yisrael Presents: Tza’adim His New Album Feat. The Song Adam With Mati Shriki

After two years of intense work, singer Meir Yisrael is releasing his debut album called Tza’adim. The album has nine tracks, mostly of Meir’s own compositions. The album was arranged and produced by Avi Tal. He is now releasing the

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Meir Yisrael Refreshes The Hit “Ata Kadosh”

Just as the days of Sefirah are coming to a close and Shavuous is rapidly approaching, singer Meir Yisrael is releasing a new cover of the legendary hit song of Adi Ran, Ata Kadosh. This is his fourth single from

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Meir Yisrael – Tze’Adim

While working on his debut album, singer Meir Yisrael is releasing a special song before Rosh Hashana, themed around the story of the Akeidah and Avraham Avinu’s tenth and final Nisayon. The song is called Tze’Adim, and the concept and

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Bevo Ha’Eit – Meir Yisrael In A Prayer Ballad For Geulah

There is a new star in the music world: Meir Yisrael, who is releasing his first piece called Bevo Ha’Eit, a powerful ballad. The song was produced by Avi Tal.

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