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As a ‘Tashura’ For His Daughter’s Wedding: Yoni Shlomo In A New Single “Tidbak”

Chabad singer Yoni Shlomo is releasing a brand new single for his oldest daughter’s wedding this week in France called Tidbak. The song was composed by R’ Meir Teichtal, and arranged and produced by Ami Cohen.

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With The Opening Of The Economy: Yoni Shlomo In A Single Full Of Faith – “Betach Bashem”!

Its been only three months since Chassidic singer Yoni Shlomo released his version of the Kuvlitz Niggun. Now Yoni is releasing a new single, called Betach Bashem, composed by R’ Meir Teichtal, the Chabad rabbi in a town in France.

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