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On The Occasion Of His Daughter’s Birth: Nehorai Arieli Releases A New Song – “Tohar”

Singer and artist Nehorai Arieli is releasing a brand new single in honor of the birth of his firstborn daughter, “Tohar“. The lyrics and composition were by Nehorai and the arrangement and production by Ma’or Chaim.

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In A Winter Atmosphere: David Cohen In A Refreshing New Single/Video “Ha’Shir Sheli”

Singer David Cohen who has released three hit songs in the last year, is now releasing yet another called Ha’Shir Sheli, written and composed by David himself. The song was arranged and produced by Maor Chaim.

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On The Way To A New Album: Avi Podolinsky With A New Single “Ein Bi Kol”

Young singer Avi Podolinsky is working intensely on his debut album, from which he is now releasing his new single called Ein Bi Kol. This is his third single he is releasing from the album, which he wrote and composed

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Avi Podolinski In A Powerful Song: “HaYeladim Shelcha”

Singer and composer Avi Podolinski is releasing a new single, written and composed, “HaYeladim Shelcha” for a musical arrangement and production by Maor Chaim. After “Nishamot Avudot” which was a great success, Podolinski, with his strong and rough voice, also

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Nehoray Arieli – Taluy Banu [Official Music Video]

Singer and artist Nehoray Arieli is making great strides towards his debut album, and is releasing now a new single called Taluy Banu, written and composed by Nehoray himself, and arranged and produced by Ma’or Chaim.

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Avi Podolinski In A New & Unusual Single/Video: “Nishamot Avudot”

Avi Podolinski, 21, is releasing a new single and music video in the Israeli rock style titled “Nishamot Avudot“. Avi‘s special and sweeping tone of voice leaves listeners with a taste of more, and a strong desire to listen to

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The New Single & Video From Nehoray Arieli “Bayis Neeman”

Nehoray Arieli, a young promising singer and songwriter, is currently working on his debut album and now he is presenting a new and energetic single that he wrote and composed titled “Bayis Neeman“, the musical arrangement and production of Maor

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