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Tag "Maor Chaim"

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Avi Podolinski In A Powerful Song: “HaYeladim Shelcha”

Singer and composer Avi Podolinski is releasing a new single, written and composed, “HaYeladim Shelcha” for a musical arrangement and production by Maor Chaim. After “Nishamot Avudot” which was a great success, Podolinski, with his strong and rough voice, also

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Nehoray Arieli – Taluy Banu [Official Music Video]

Singer and artist Nehoray Arieli is making great strides towards his debut album, and is releasing now a new single called Taluy Banu, written and composed by Nehoray himself, and arranged and produced by Ma’or Chaim.

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Avi Podolinski In A New & Unusual Single/Video: “Nishamot Avudot”

Avi Podolinski, 21, is releasing a new single and music video in the Israeli rock style titled “Nishamot Avudot“. Avi‘s special and sweeping tone of voice leaves listeners with a taste of more, and a strong desire to listen to

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The New Single & Video From Nehoray Arieli “Bayis Neeman”

Nehoray Arieli, a young promising singer and songwriter, is currently working on his debut album and now he is presenting a new and energetic single that he wrote and composed titled “Bayis Neeman“, the musical arrangement and production of Maor

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