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Tag "Manor Ben-David"

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Nehorai Moyal – El Gadol Naaleh

From a young age, Nehorai Moyal studied Andalusian music theory with the best bards in Israel and around the world and became one of the best bards in the country. Meet Nehorai Moyal (19) from Kiryat Ata, a singer and

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Moshe Louk & Shimon Sibony – Moriya

Singer Moshe Louk is joining together with Shimon Sibony for the song Moriya, written by Manor Ben-David, and composed by Salim Haleli. Tzatziki Zanti arranged and produced the track.

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The International Paytan’s Piyut Album That Will Connect The Outgoing Year With The Incoming One

Singer Moshe Louk is releasing a new album, called Shir U’Shvacha, containing 7 songs. All of the songs are original texts, written by Manor Ben-David, who is even featured as a duet-ist on one of the songs. The album was

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Just Before Pesach, Singer & Songwriter Moshe Louk Releases A New Single “Podeh Mitzar Aneni.”

The story of Yetzias Mitzrayim and the splitting of the Red Sea in a new and original text for a well-known and well-known Arab-The text was written by Manor Ben-David, who took it upon himself to write original texts for

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