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The New Hit Song From Avi Man “Ma Tovu”

After two softer and emotional singles, singer Avi Man is releasing a new song called Ma Tovu. The song was composed by his manager Ben Naim, and arranged and produced by Benny Laufer.

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Yissachar Dror – Ma Tovu

Song Dedication: It gives me great pleasure and a zechus to dedicate my very first song, to my Holy Rebbe, the great Tzaddik Reb Shaya’le Ben Reb Moshe Of Kerestir. Music Credits: Song Composed & Produced by Yitzy Waldner Music

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The “Retro” Returns To Us: The Creative Team Ullman & Shtuppel, Meet Again In The Studio

Udi Ullman and Yuval Shtuppel, a pair of childhood friends who over the years wrote, recorded and released many hits (including Lalvana Omar, Kol Tzofeich, Toritoto, etc.), have now made there way back to the studio to collaborate. Udi Ullman‘s

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