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Singer Eli Ben Harush Releases His Fourth Single “Ha’Or Shebalev”

Singer Eli Ben Harush is releasing his fourth single Ha’Or Shebalev and is continuing major steps towards his debut album due out soon. Ha’Or Shebalev is a catchy tune that was written by lyricist Katrine Bracha and arranged by Liran

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His Father Wrote & He Sang: Netanel Manet – Azamro Loch

After a number of successful covers and an original single, now Israeli singer Netanel Manet is releasing a new dance song, called Azamro Loch. Moshe Manet composed the song, alongside the arrangement and production of Liran Alkobi.

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The Long Awaited BARYO 2 Is Almost Here!

After working tirelessly to refine and enhance it, singer and composer Baryo Chakshur is releasing soon his new album “Baryo 2“. In the album are songs from some of the best of Baryo’s special styles, wedding dance songs. As a

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