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Tag "L’Chai Olamim"

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New Video from Simcha Leiner, Eli Marcus, Blue Melody

What makes you get up and dance? Simple. Music that grooves so hard you can’t help but move to the beat. Want to hear the tightest groove in Jewish music today? Want to know what it’s like to experience a

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Matt Dubb x Mordechai Shapiro x Benny Friedman – L’chai Olamim

DJ Matt Dubb is back with a new hit song perfect for Zman Simchoseinu titled L’chai Olamim. This exciting new song is being introduced to the world via music video and features two of today’s biggest stars, Mordechai Shapiro and

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New Release: “L’Chai Olamim” by Tali Yess

You know me long enough to notice that I never stick to one genre of music and whatever style the song or lyrics inspire me to compose music in, that’s what I will do. I grew up in a VERY

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