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Pini Einhorn – Kumzitz

Pini Einhorn is a Chassidic Kumzitz professional. He gives enrapturing singing performances, which capture smiles and creates an energy for everyone who participates. In order to give over this experience, he is releasing a video clip of one of his

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VIN Exclusive Video Interview With Israeli Breslov Hit Singer Yosef Karduner

New York – He has numerous albums to his credit, but unlike most Jewish singers, Beit Shemesh resident Yosef Karduner shuns the spotlight, preferring instead to live his life following the directives of R’ Nachman of Breslov.  He lives simply,

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Yehuda Green Melave Malka – Im Eshkachech

Yehuda Green Sings His Own Composition “Im Eshkachech” at a Melave Malka Kumzitz on Motzei Shabbo November 14th 2009 in Williamsburg.

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