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Menachem Assaf Releases “Keitz Ha’Yamim” Vocal Edition

About a month and a half after the release of his debut album “Borei Nefashot“, Menachem Assaf is releasing an a Capella version of his song Keitz Ha’Yamim, off that album. The lyrics of the song are about our longing

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V’nigash Choresh B’Kotzer – Menachem Assaf

Menachem Assaf continues to revolutionize the world of Jewish music. Keitz Hayamim is his debut single which was arranged in a unique time signature, 5/8, which is practically unheard of in music. Now, he is releasing another single called V’nigash

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Menachem Assaf Releases His Debut Single “Keitz Ha’Yamim”

Menachem Assaf is stepping up to the stage. He has already been involved in Jewish music production for about a decade and a half, including A Poshiter Yid by Lipa, some of the projects of the Hamenagnim choir, as well

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