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Exciting visit From Avraham Fried & Friends Bring Joy To Daniel Mizrachi

Daniel Mizrachi hosted a Simchas Beis Ha’Shoeivah over Succos for children with disabilities. At the party, Shmuel Yonah, Asaf Shefer, Jackie Eliyahu, and Avraham Fried. It was a very emotional and special party for everyone involved.

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Jackie Eliyahu – Sameach B’chelki

Composer and singer Jackie Eliyahu releases a brand new single off his new album “Am Segula” which will be released in just ten days!!! Jackie’s new single “Sameach B’chelki” tells us to STOP look around us and enjoy things that

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Jackie Eliyahu & Gad Elbaz “Atah Yodeah”

After releasing three successful hit singles “MeiHashomayim“, “Ach Sheli“, and “VeNosno Li” Jackie Elijah a new single out “Atah Yodeah”. In this single Jackie is joined by superstar singer Gad Elbaz with lyrics by David Zigman. Jackie first met Gad

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Jackie Eliyahu – Ach Sheli

Jackie Eliyahu’s new single is sure to become the ultimate refreshing BIG HIT this “bein hazmanim” summer 5751. This new single “Ach Sheli” has such a great beat and feeling to it that you can’t help but be in a

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Jackie Eliyahu – MeiHashomaim

With singer Jackie Eliyahu, music and life intertwined with each other ways of providence amazingly the story of his life. Over seven years ago, Jackie’s vehicles collided head-on with another, hitting him fatally. Eliyahu was hospitalized in intensive care where

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