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Eli Herzlich & Adi Ran “V’Shamru” – Herzlich 2 Album Release Party!

In anticipation of and on Leil Shabbos, Eli Hertzlich releases a special and surprising duet with… Adi Ran!. The two perform together Ran‘s hit “V’Shamru“, from the album release party for “Herzlich 2“.

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Herzlich 2 – The LIVE Version

Eli Herzlich’s new album Herzlich 2 only just recently came out, and already its songs are doing well on the radio playlists and throughout dance floors all over. Three weeks before the album release concert that will take place on

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Eli Herzlich – Nishmat [Official Music Video]

With the release of his new album Herzlich 2, Israeli singer Eli Herzlich is also releasing a music video for one of the hit songs, Nishmat Kol Chai. The song was arranged by Alexander Mittelman. Betzalel Cohen produced the music

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Here It Comes! Herzlich 2 – Eli Hertzlich’s New Album After Four Years!

Herzlich 2 – Eli Herzlich‘s new album is coming to music stores in Israel, the US and will be available for download and listening to all international streaming services. In an era where albums are coming out at singles pace,

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Israel Lubin Presents: Eli Herzlich – Kesher Shel Kayomo Off Herzlich 2

Eli Herzlich‘s debut album, Chosson Domeh Lemelech, was an absolute success with multiple hits that are still being played at weddings and on the radio consistently. Now he is hard at work on his second album, which combines some of

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