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Emanuel Shulman With A New Single “Yomam V’Leil”

Singer Emanuel Shulman is releasing a new single called Yomam V’Leil, written and composed by his brother Avraham. The song was arranged by Sharon Reyes and Emanuel together, and produced by Sharon.

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The New Song From The Torah of Rebbi Nosson “Im Kulam Hayu”

A Breslov Chassid came to a singer and artist’s house and together they composed a new tune for a Torah of Rebbi Nosson Shternholtz. Emanuel Shulman heard it and together with Sharon Reiz they produced the song. The song was

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The Song That Will Make You Smile: Emanuel Shulman – Techayeich [Official Music Video]

The new single of singer Emanuel Shulman, is not just an ordinary new single, its a life-story in and of itself. The song is called Techayeich, written by Idan Or Guy, who heard some of Emanuel’s music, and asked him

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