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Eli Seidenfeld Is Back With Another Powerful Cover “Baasi”

Amongst the many beautiful chuppa niggunim that have come out in recent years, Yonatan Shainfeld’s Basi somehow stands out as unique. I wanted to see what would happen if I raised the key and layered on some harmonies. Here are

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Acheinu Medley | Eli Seidenfeld (Official Video)

The war and tragedies in Eretz Yisroel have reawakened the deep love that all Jews have for one another. It has brought us together, closer than ever before, with an Achdus that has never been stronger.With our hearts and minds

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Eli Seidenfeld | Tefilas Haneiros (Official Lyrics Video)

As the last of the Chanukah Lecht flicker out, we experience a sense of longing for those missing lights. Thankfully, our weekly Shabbos Neiros continue to illuminate the darkness and fill our homes with Kedushah. This moving composition by Yitzy

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