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Mendy J Returns with Summer Hit “Echad”

Renowned Jewish music artist Mendy J is back with his latest release, “Echad,” poised to become the hit of the summer. Mendy J, known for his popular tracks like “Harabi,” “Hamelech,” “Meseches Brachos,” and most recently “Shalom Aleichem,” continues to

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Sandy Shmuely With A New Single “Echad”

In honor of the release of his tenth album, singer Sandy Shmuely is releasing a new single called Echad. This song and others on the album were written and produced still before Corona hit the world. Sandy worked on an

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Moti & Daniel Kornfeld – Echad

The new production that reflects and gives a mirror image to the great challenge of our generation: The world of Yeshiva drop-outs, youth from Chareidi families that don’t fit into their communities, has been a part of the Chareidi reality

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Music Video! YERACHMIEL: Echad – Off The Album “In The Hands of Heaven”

Though this world can sometimes feel fragmented and divided, it is really all part of the divine oneness. Each and every living creature is a special and integral part to G-d’s universe. May we be blessed to have our uniqueness

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