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Hillel Meir & Yitzhak Pinchasi – Hishbati (Echad El Echad)

In the midst of the holiday of Sukkot, the seventh and final duet is hosted by Hillel Meir, Yitzhak Pinchasi, and together they perform the huge hit “Hishbati“. A new single from Hillel Meir is coming out very soon that

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Hillel Meir & Avichai Ozeri – Ribono

Here is the fifth cover from Hillel Meir‘s album “Echad El Echad.” This time Hillel is joined by Avichai Ozeri to perform Simcha Leiner‘s song Ribono.

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Hillel Meir & Itzele Eisenstark – Ba’Avur Avoteinu (Echad El Echad)

Hillel Meir who is created the project called Echad El Echad is hosting singer Itzele Eisenstark, and the two of them chose to perform the song Ba’Avur Avoteinu from Naftali Kempeh. The song was arranged by Shmuel Yefet, with Eliyahu

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Hillel Meir & Meir Rivkin – VaTik (Cover)

Hillel Meir is releasing his first single from his album project of song covers called Echad El Echad. For this first song being released now, Hillel is featuring singer Meir Rivkin for an acoustic performance of the song Vatik from

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