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Tag "DJ Niso Slob"

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Ari Gold – Yesh Bi Emunah (Prod By. Dj Niso Slob Official Remix)

A few months after the release of the hot and successful single by singer Ari Gold “Yesh Bi Emunah“, comes the official remix produced by DJ Niso Slob.

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SHWEKEY – L’Chaim (Remix by DJ Niso)

On the occasion of Pesach, Yaakov Shwekey drinks 4 cups to life! With a Remix music video to sing the theme from his latest album A Toast To Life. The remix version produced by DJ Niso Slob, and it was

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Eli Herzlich With A Purim Remix Of The Hit Song “U’Vchol Medina”

With the beginning of the month of Adar Beis and ahead of the upcoming Purim holiday, the chasidic singer Eli Herzlich is releasing the remix of his Purim hit “U’Vchol Medina” to the tune of Eli Laufer. The song was

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Yoni Z – Every Yid’s A Fire (DJ Niso Slob Official Remix)

The fire has been spreading for a year – now it’s time for the remix. TYH Nation and Yoni Z team up again and brought on DJ Niso Slob to remix their hit song “Every Yids A Fire” – Dance

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Avishai Eshel – Achinu Mitchaten (Prod. By DJ Niso Slob)

The wedding hit “Achinu Mitchaten” from Avishai Eshel, which came out about a month ago, has come to the dance floor, now getting the official remix version created by DJ Niso Slob.

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Turn Up The Volume: The Official Remix Of Moshe Feld “Oto Hayom”

After the huge success of the hit “Oto Hayom” by the singer and composer Moshe Feld, which burned the radio stations and playlists and won dozens of performances and views in the various media. Feld is now releasing an official

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Guy Kahalany & Moshe Dadon “Mizmor Letoda” (Prod By DJ Niso Slob)

After a very difficult year in the world of Jewish music, Guy Kahalany is releasing a new single called Mizmor Letoda, composed by R’ Zusha, made famous in the Drashos of R’ Shalom Arush. Joining him for a spectacular duet

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We Open Up The Festival Of Lights With The Official Remix Of Avi Ilson – “Ten Li Or”

Avi Ilson is releasing a remix version of his hit song Ten Li Or, produced by DJ Niso Slob.

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Avishai Eshel & DJ Niso Slob – Orech Yamim (Carlebach)

In honor of R’ Shlomo Carlebach’s Yahrtzeit, singer Avishai Eshel and DJ Niso Slob are releasing a dance version of one of R’ Shlomo’s most popular hit songs, Orech Yomim.

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Brother, Its Time For Unity! Yoel & Shmuel Elharar In Their Debut Single – “Am Echad”

Meet: Yoel and Shmuel Elharar. Two brothers born and raised in France. One has made aliyah and lives in the Holy Land, the other still lives in France. Under the radar, the two have amassed a growing audience, performing on

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