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Sruli ft. Grayman & Elazar – Dai (Official Music Video)

Following the chain of difficult events that befall our country, composer and producer Sruli is releasing a new and militant song of the season called ‘Dai!’ It hosts rapper Grayman and singer Elazar. The kicking single conveys a message of

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Mendy Weiss With A New Single “Yomar Tzoroseinu Dai”

During this intensely trying time of Corona, Mendy Weiss received a composition from his friend Bentzi Stein to the words of Mi She’amar Leolamo Dai Yomar Tzoroseinu Dai. Hershy Seigel produced the clip of the song. Hershy Weinberger helped write

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“Dai” A New Single From Mordechai Ben David Released In Honor of Lag Baomer 5780

מי שאמר לעולמו די יאמר לצרותינו די A new single by Mordechai Ben David released in honor of Lag B’Omer. This song was composed by Mordechai Ben David about three weeks ago in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic that

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[Official Music Video] Yitzchok Rubin – “DAI – ENOUGH!”

Just a few weeks ago newcomer Yitzchok Rubin released his debut album titled “Ya-er.” Those who have been lucky enough to hear about it, purchased it and are enjoying the album immensely. Between the music compositions, vocal production and unique

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Nesanel Yisrael Releases His First Single From The New Music Label “YoYo”

He has been singing and performing since the young age of 14, and has already released an album and several singles. He even managed to participate in the Israeli singing competition “Kochav Nolad“, but resigned for personal reasons in the

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