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“WIN” aYBC Live! Succos ’09 PRIZ PAK 17

Now there are a lot of radio stations and websites giving out tickets to concerts and well, we wanted to be different. So after talking to Eli Gerstner about how to make this contest different we came up with a

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WIN a Smart Car! 0

Torah Academy of Brooklyn “TAB” & Yeshiva’s Ruach Hatorah present GET SMART-by driving a smartcar GIVE SMART-to a vital institution MARE SMART-by helping to educate the youth of our community. WIN a Smart Car convertible fully loaded. Ticket Prices are as follows:1

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The Third Annunal Simply Manischewitz Cook-Off 3

  FAQ for The Third Annunal Simply Manischewitz Cook-Off Q. What is the Simply Manischewitz Cook-Off? A. Now in it’s third year, the Simply Manischewitz Cook-Off is a fun and entertaining recipe contest. Create your favorite kosher entree or soup

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