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[TabletMag] Chofetz Chaim Footage Becomes Election Ad

Building on the newly-discovered video of the Chofetz Chaim attending the Agudat Yisrael’s first-ever gathering in Vienna in 1923, the ultra-Orthodox, or haredi, Israeli political party Yahadut Hatorah has released an election video and catchy campaign jingle by noted haredi

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Hillel Kapnick Releases New Single “The Power Of Speech”

In the technological world we live in where an individual can share their opinion with just a few clicks of a mouse, guarding ones speech can be forgotten quite easily. Many people can attest to the great power that speech

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Chofetz Chaim: The Family Lesson A Day

The laws of speech with stories and parables – for all ages. The “shemiras halashon revolution” that swept the Torah world showed us how important – and, yes, how possible – it is for us to speak in accordance with

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