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Pini Einhorn Releases A New Album “Bamisturim” [Album Preview]

After a long wait, Pini Einhorn finally released his second album called Bamisturim, arranged and produced by Eli Klein and Yitzy Berry, together with Moishy Roth. The album has 11 tracks, the title track was composed by R’ Cheskie Weiss,

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Ari Hill & Neshama Choir In An Exciting New Single & Video “Kel Mistater”

Netta Levin Presents: After a long wait, the great chasidish singer Ari Hill, the master of emotion releases the second single from the unique debut album, he has been working on it lately, together with the producers, composers and the

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Beri Weber With A New Music Video “Duvid Hamelech”

Chassidic singer Beri Weber just dropped a new music video filmed at King Hamelech’s kever in Jerusalem, for the song “Duvid Hamelech” from the album “Lev El Haneshama” composed by Cheskie Weiss.

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Simcha Jacoby – Zman Simchaseinu

Zman Simchaseinu, this is a time for Simcha! Since the Beis Hamikdash was destroyed we don’t get to experience the Simchas Beis Hashoeiva anymore. Whoever one of the greatest simchas we do get to experience in our lifetime, are wedding

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Menachem Moskowitz In A Moving Single: “Kisei Rachamim”

Aseres Yemei Teshuva, just before Yom Kippur, chasidic singer and emotional artist from the USA Menachem Moskowitz releases a new and exciting single “Kisei Rachamim” composed by the well-known “hit machine” Reb Moshe “Cheskie Weiss” (from the albums “Lev El

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