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Chaim Avital & Nehorai Arieli With A Powerful Duet “Shmor Nah Aleinu”

Singers Chaim Avital and Nehorai Arieli are releasing a brand new touching duet called Shmor Nah Aleinu, the famous tune that we all know in a brand new arrangement and production. The song was arranged and produced by Yehuda Forti.

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Lifting The Morale: Itzik Eshel & Chaim Avital – Songs of Emunah & Victory | Part 1

While Jews all over are nervous and anxious about the war, Itzik Eshel and Chaim Avital are releasing a medley of Emunah songs, arranged by Maor Chaim, which will lead us to victory. 

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Uman Is Here! Chaim Avital & Itzik Eshel “Rosh Hashana Sheli”

In anticipation of the upcoming trip to Uman for Rosh Hashanah, singer Chaim Avital and Itzik Eshel are co-releasing an upbeat duet called Rosh Hashana Sheli. The song was originally by Yoeli Klein and Shaya Gross and is re-arranged by

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Chaim Avital Jumps Back Into Music With “Hakol Letova”

After the success of his previous singles, singer Chaim Avital is releasing a brand new single called Hakol Letova. The lyrics are by David Yehonatan Dayan, composition by Yosef Levi Agami, and arrangement and production by Yosef Levi Agami.

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With All The Hits: Chaim Avital Releases An Energetic Wedding Medley Video

With the start of the wedding season, singer Chaim Avital is releasing a wedding song medley, arranged and produced by Ma’or Chaim and Almog Fedali.

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Chaim Avital Releases A New Single “Modim Al Ha’Kol” Which Seems To Be A Hit

Singer Chaim Avital is now releasing his second single called Modim Al Ha’Kol, that was written and composed by Almog Pedali, and arranged and produced by Maor Chaim Sha’Shua.

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Chaim Avital Aims High In His Debut Single “Mitpallel V’Shar”

Chaim Avital is a musician and singer/songwriter/composer. At 34 years old he is now releasing his first debut single called Mitpallel V’Shar, the first single on his way towards a debut album. The song was written and composed by Almog

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