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New York Boys Choir: Cantata (Audio Sampler)

The release of this incredible acapella album has been long in coming! Over the past many years, I’ve been attending and working for Camp Agudah in different capacities, including producing the choirs for the Cantata, a play that is performed

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Camp Agudah: Shabbos Kodesh (Acappella) In Memory of Yisroel Levin A”H

Camp Agudah Productions Presents Orange Team Theme Song 2017 “Shabbos Kodesh” (acappella) In Memory of Yisroel Levin A”H T.T.T.O: Ata Echod (Shalsheles) Produced By: CA Productions, 2018 Vocals Produced, Recorded, Arranged, and Mixed By: Naftali Blumenthal at ASAP Productions –

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Camp Agudah Presents: Green Team of Avdei Hashem Theme Song 2013

This past summer like every camp Camp Agudah had color war. The difference this year is that Camp Agudah is now presents to the public the Green Team of Avdei Hashem‘s Theme Song 2013 for FREE download. To download the

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