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HASC: A Time For Music 32 Recap

By: Yossi Zweig This past Sunday, January 6th, 2019, was a date that will go down in Jewish music history. It was the 32nd annual HASC, A TIME For Music concert, and it was one for the books. The concert

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A Magnificent Chupa Starring Uzi Bodner & Azamrah Choir

A Magnificent Chupa Starring Uzi Bodner & Azamrah Choir: Birchas Habayis and Mi Bon Siach. Amid a backdrop of dazzling musical arrangements, rising star Uzi Bodner transforms this special part of a Jewish wedding accompanied with melodious harmonies by the

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Ohad Sings Exciting Wedding Songs Medley

Huge Chassidic superstar Ohad! continues to conquer the world’s largest stages, and this morning he released a clip from a luxury wedding held at the Hilton in New York, with the famed Aaron Teitelbaum Orchestra and production. On stage gives

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