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Bentzi Stein & Ahrale Samet: Ich Bin Danse – I Am Yours

It all started 3 years ago when famed composer Bentzy Stein – owner of lots the latest hits – had sat down in the studio to finish up the composition for the famous hit ‘Kerestir‘ released by Beri Weber &

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BERI & Arele Samet – On The Way To Kerestir

While there are tons of song about Uman and Reb Nachman that people sing while making the trek to Uman which enhance their spiritual trip, there seems to be very few if any song about Reb Shayale and Kerestir. While

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Beri and The LPR Project | Kacha – Vatosif – Layehudim (Live)

“When Beri and The LPR Project get together something amazing will happen” Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar… Beri and The LPR Project got together lit some candles, drank some wine, and made a Farbreng for hours… Beri composed three original songs

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BERI – A Shabbos Farbreng ft. Lev Voices [Album Promo]

Eli Lax Presents: BERI – A Shabbos Farbreng ft. Lev Voices A Naftali Shnitzler Production Join BERI and Lev Voices in A Shabbos Farbreng

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Beri Weber – Rabi Shimon [Official Video] feat. Malchus Choir

There is no better time than today, in honor of Lag Baomer and in honor of Rabi Shimon Bar Yochai to release this clip. BERI and the “Malchus Choir” Chevre in Meiron by the Tzion of Harashbi. Both those who

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