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For The First Time, Gad Elbaz With His Father Beni Elbaz & Son Binyamin

This song Sh’Ybaneh is an vocal a Capella version, the full version will be released soon. Three generations of the Elbaz family singing together about the reconstruction of the Biet Hamikdash. Binyanmin today is 12 years old he is the

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​Gad Elbaz & Beni Elbaz: Esh Shel Mashiach [Offical Music Video]

Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz is literally on fire in his latest music video, titled Esh Shel Mashiach. Following on the heels of Elbaz’s blockbuster single, Hashem Melech, released last summer, Esh Shel Mashiach is a feel-good song that reflects Elbaz’s

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