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Barak Grossberg In A New & Captivating Single/Video: Ata Tamid Kan

Singer and artist Barak Grossberg is releasing a brand new single in honor of Adar, with a special message of Emunah because of the war. The song was written and composed by Barak Grossberg and Effie Sheiner, and produced by

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Barak Grossberg & Ariel Zilber In A New Exciting Duet: “Hey Tzama”

A groundbreaking performance of the well-known Chabad melody from the Tehillem that will make you start dancing! The two have already met on big stages at major events, including at Bloomfield Stadium in Tel Aviv, which gave birth to this

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Barak Grossberg With A New Single & Music Video “Lo Me’Uchar”

Singer and guitarist Barak Grossberg is releasing a brand new single called Lo Me’Uchar. The song was produced by Effie Scheiner, who also co-wrote it. This is Barak‘s sixth single.

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Barak Grossberg Admits To His Father “Hakol Ata”

Singer and songwriter Barak Grossberg releases a powerful new single-clip right before the month of Elul. Unlike his previous songs, Barak glides into the heart of mainstream Jewish music with production Shalafi Shiner, who recently worked with Avraham Farid and

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Hanistarot: Barak Grossberg In A New Single & Video For Lag Baomer

Chabad singer Barak Grossberg is releasing a new single and video clip in honor of Lag Baomer, taken from the words of the Zohar, written by R’ Shimon Bar Yochai. The song is also connected to the terrible tragedy and

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Singing About HASHEM: Barak Grossberg Hosts Avi Piamenta In A New Single & Video

Chabad singer-songwriter Barak Grossberg (30) is a converted singer, guitarist and rocker, and will soon release a new and third single from the upcoming album, this time hosting world flutist and Chabad singer Avi Piamenta (65) in honor of the

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Barak Grossberg Atrikes Again! A New Video That Will Sweep You Off Your Feet: Love Your Neighbor As Yourself

Chabad singer-songwriter and guitarist Barak Grossberg in a new single-video, which comes as a response to the recently increasing separation and a call for unity and acceptance of difference. Just four months after releasing the single Keep The Order on

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Israeli Chabad Singer & Guitarist In A Unique Music Video About Distributing The 7 Mitzvos Bnei Noach

Barak Grossberg, who is known as a high-level guitar player, has released a number of songs in recent years and worked with well-known singers in the religious/ultra-Orthodox sector, now releasing an original and new song in English called Keep The

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Emotional Therapist Mordechai Roth Hosts Filmmaker & Guitarist Barak Grossberg – Degel Lavan

Therapist and singer Mordechai Roth is releasing his new single Degel Lavan. The inspiration for the song came from having met two Jews before the Chagim, and hearing what they told him. The first one was a man who had

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