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Motty Vizel, Avremi Lunger, Moishy & Srulik Mendelson “Besoid Kedoshim”

Singers Motty Vizel and Avremi Lunger are joining together for a special project where they are reproducing the holy niggun of R’ Mordechai Nadvorna ZTL. Moishy and Srulik Mendelson arranged and produced the track, together with Yitzy Berry.

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The Gift Album: Adeloyada 3 Is Now On The Air! Moishi Mendelson & Aharla Samet In A Special Purim Album

Keyboardist Moishy Mendelson and Ahreleh Samet are releasing a brand new special Purim album, featuring singers Yoeli Davidowiz and Avremi Lunger, for almost two hours worth of Adeloyada music.

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Beis Chayeinu: Avremi Lunger & The Chassidim’lech Boys Choir & The Yedidim Choir

A Shul in Neve Yaakov is trying to build a new building, and reached out by doing a crowdfunding campaign. They put together a heart-rending music video performed by Avremi Lunger and the Chassidim’lech boys choir, together with the Yedidim

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After 4 Years: Chaim Gold Hosts Avremi Lunger & They Sing The Hit “Mi Sh’Hayinu” In Yiddish

It was a regular night for Chaim Gold and Avremi Lunger, Chaim finished a special kumzitz and in the hall next door Avrumi Lunger finished a wedding and when they left the hall they bumped into each other. Lunger asked

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Mishenichnas Adar? The Malchus Choir Drinks L’chaim

Adar is here, and the Malchus choir is already singing Lechaim! In this clip, they are singing Lechaim songs of all different types, times, and languages. The musical production and vocal arrangement were done by the leader of the choir,

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New Single – Tate Hashiveinu

Here’s a Brand New Single by the Upcoming Star “Avremi Lunger” and Child Soloist “Nusi Fuchs” Composed by: Yanky Ausch Produced by: Yisrael Bergman Arranged by: Eliyahu Cohen Guitarist: Gil Shanir Drums: Eidu Shushan Child Soloist: Nusi Fuchs Choir: International

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Umocho Hashem – Moti Wiezel & Avremi Lunger

Umocho Hashem Dimah are sad and infrequently used words, that have an accepted sad meaning to them. The composition of R’ Dovid Asher, received a special new expression arranged by his friend R’ Yitzchak Filmer. The two of them recently

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