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Eli Assraf & Friends – Mimeon Sh’mecha

The hit song “Mimon Sh’mecha” from 2007, is now being renewed by singers Netanel Yisrael, Avishai Levi, Elad Shaer, Avi Nakash, Yishai Ma’Ouda, Roei Shimon, and Eliah Tinami. The song was composed and arranged by Eli Assaraf.

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Avishai Levi Opens The New Year With A Pumping Hit “HaRikud Matchil”

Avishai Levi is 36 years old, and performs on stages from a young age. He released a number of hit songs throughout his career and is now releasing another one called Harikud Matchil, arranged by David Bittan and lyricist Katrin

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Avishai Levi With A New Single “Harikuid Matchil”

Avishai Levi is releasing yet another single, arranged by David Bittan, and written by lyricist Katrin Bracha.

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