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Meydad Tasa releases his fourth single “Oy Na Lonu”

Meydad Tasa releases his fourth single. The song “Oy Na Lonu” is a dialogue between a father and a son. The son (am yisrael) says to the father how hard galus is without the Divine Presence, Mount Zion desolate, it

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Meydad Tasa is back with a all new single “Al Tishaber”

Meydad Tasa is one of those singers/performers who doesn’t ever rest. Not even three months after releasing his latest hit album “Gadol Hashem” he already started working on his next album which is rumored to be a Mizrachi album. Rumor

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Zeh Lozeh a new song from a great Organization

The Organization “Zeh Lozeh” which provides support and rehabilitation to families of orphans and widows throughout the year. The organization conducts activities and attractions for families, vacationers luxury hotels across the country. After many years of activity, it was felt

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Meydad Tassah with a new single “Gadol Hashem”

If I had to sum this up in one word: Medad. Two words: “Gadol Hashem“. So called album’s first Hasidic Meydad Tassah, is published soon and is expected to make a hot album of the summer. Fter the release of

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Meydad Tasa singing ‘Achot Ketana’ – Acapella

Meydad Tasa, whose powerful and melodious voice and been slowly taking the world by storm, recently released a song entitled ‘Achot Ketana‘ during these days of the three weeks. The song was originally written and composed by Aviad Gil, Meydad’s

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